How we became the quality company we are.

About Christensen Construction

Christensen Construction was founded in the early 80’s by Tom Christensen. Started in Fulton in a small shop off of Tom’s home, the company grew while focusing on sealing, asphalt patching and small repairs.

In 1995 Tom’s brother Rob Christensen joined the business. We moved to our current location East of Columbia in 1998 and in 2004 in an effort to control material quality, availability and costs we purchased the asphalt plant.

As time has passed we’ve acquired more equipment allowing us to tackle nearly any size job. We specialize in paving, grading and milling for surface restoration projects.


What to expect from Christensen Construction Co.

We’re proud of our work and we stand behind it.

Odds are if we’re working on your job we’ve done something like it before and so have the members of our crew. This enables us to do your job right the first time. By drawing on past experiences we can avoid possible pitfalls and install asphalt and concrete with structural integrity.

Knowledge of our trade has been passed down not only through three generations of the Christensen family but also to the members of our crew. The only thing that’s new around Christensen construction is our ideas and our equipment.

Our consultative approach gets it done right the first time.

Our goal is to approach each job in a consultative manner, learning what a client needs then developing a plan to get it done right the first time. We work efficiently, not sacrificing quality and never leaving until the job is done right.

We use quality materials, reliable equipment and experienced labor.

We’re ok with not being the least expensive company out there and we know after we’ve delivered you a quality product you will be too. We’re so confident in our work we warranty all jobs, both workmanship and material for one year.