Experience You Can Rely On

With over 35 years of experience and one of the best reputations in the industry, Christensen Construction provides asphalt and concrete paving, maintenance and asphalt materials sales to Central Missouri.

Grounded and Growing

Christensen Construction began in the 1980s as a modest operation focusing on quality asphalt maintenance, patching, sealing and repairs. Quickly establishing itself as a company committed to quality, safety and accountability in all aspects of their work, Christensen Construction developed a reputation for “getting jobs done right, the first time.” This reputation has allowed Christensen Construction to grow steadily into a local leader in asphalt construction and repair.

New Ideas & Technology

Maintaining their focus on safety, quality and attention to detail, Christensen Construction expanded its service through Central Missouri, investing in asphalt production and in-house quality control. The company-owned asphalt production plant allows Christensen Construction to maintain better control over supply availability and project scheduling, while MoDOT certified technicians work in the lab to control product mix design and quality while limiting client costs.

The Brief History of Christensen Construction


Christensen Construction Founded by Tom Christensen in Fulton, Missouri.

80s & 90s

Focusing on quality asphalt maintenance, sealing, patching and small repairs Christensen Construction grows steadily.


Tom’s brother Rob Christensen joins Christensen Construction as Tom’s business partner.


Christensen Construction relocates to its current location near Columbia, Missouri.


Christensen Construction acquires its first asphalt plant and establishes an in-house quality control lab with MoDOT certified technicians.

2016 – Present

Christensen Construction makes continual improvements to paving and productions, including: building a new lab and a 10,000 sq. ft. covered aggregate storage building, as well as expanding their fleet with the latest equipment.

Moving Forward Together

Today, Christensen Construction continues to utilize quality materials, equipment and labor to provide clients with exceptional paving materials, cost-effective asphalt maintenance and asphalt paving for jobs — done right.

Working on projects both large and small, Christensen Construction has decades of industry experience and the practical knowledge to execute any project.

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