Quality Asphalt Material Sales

Locally produced, quality-controlled & competitively priced asphalt materials.

Centrally Located

Centrally located just east of Columbia, Christensen Construction offers convenient access to high-quality asphalt materials for jobs throughout Mid-Missouri. Their production facilities allow Christensen Construction to guarantee material, storage, production and mix control ensuring high standards along every step of the paving process.

Climate Controlled

Consistent material means a better-finished product, that’s why Christensen Construction utilizes paved and covered storage for aggregate materials. Covered storage conditions allow Christensen Construction to volumetrically control asphalt materials, helping to accurately match laboratory conditions, resulting in higher quality, more consistent asphalt products.

Certified Technicians

With experienced and dedicated MoDOT certified technicians, Christensen Construction’s full-time internal quality control lab constantly monitors production and output to maintain high-quality asphalt materials engineered to meet the rigid demands of any paving project.

Christensen Construction Asphalt Products

Hot mix asphalt is engineered to meet the unique needs of every client. Utilizing advanced production methods and high-level quality control, Christensen Construction produces high-quality hot mix asphalt for virtually any application.

Unlike standard asphalt and concrete pavements which are impervious to water, porous mixes allow water to flow through them while maintaining the appearance and functionality of traditional asphalt. This environmentally friendly process can help eliminate the costly engineering and construction costs of detention basins, and other stormwater remediation devices, for new construction projects.

The common term for Superior Performing Asphalt Pavement, these mix types incorporate an amalgamation of different materials to ensure an extremely durable product for base, intermediate or surface layers on medium to high volume roadways.

  • Available Year-Round
  • Sold in Bulk from 50 Pounds to Multiple Tons
  • Prolonged Storage Capacity
  • Easy to Install

Learn more at EZ Street Cold Mix Asphalt.

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