Asphalt Paving and Construction Services

With over three decades of experience, Christensen Construction serves Central Missouri providing high-quality asphalt paving and base rock installation.


Using only high-grade materials and equipment and experienced installers, Christensen Construction offers the best in asphalt paving and construction services. With a company-owned asphalt production plant and an in-house quality control lab, Christensen Construction provides the latest in asphalt mix design and dedicated, professional workmanship. Commercial, industrial or residential — Christensen Construction has the resources and workforce to help deliver high-quality results on any asphalt paving project.


Projects big and small, Christensen Construction has the capabilities to tackle them all. Working with clients in the private and public sectors on residential, commercial and industrial projects, Christensen Construction specializes in paving and base rock installation. From small residential drives to several thousand ton state roads — Christensen Construction has the knowledgeable crews and heavy equipment to provide new asphalt construction for jobs of any size.


Christensen Construction recognizes that there’s simply no substitute for experience. Fortunately, with over 35 years of completed projects, Christensen Construction has the institutional knowledge and practical know-how to execute any project with precision.

Christensen Construction Asphalt Paving Services

Christensen Construction has the experienced crews and resources to provide high-quality paving services on jobs of any size.

Subsurface evaluations, excavation, milling, recycling, grading, base rock installation and paving installation. Christensen Construction offers a full range of asphalt removal and replacement services to refurbish and rehabilitate existing surfaces.

Essential to the cost, stability and long-term success of any paving project, Christensen Construction specializes in base rock installation. Their experienced operators use the latest equipment to guarantee accurate aggregate thickness and base rock compaction for the best pavement base possible.

Quality pavement begins with quality grading. With attention to factors like slope stabilization, compaction and drainage, Christensen Construction’s skilled team offer a complete range of professional grading services.

Removing and recycling distressed surfaces for a better pavement and longer surface life, Christensen Construction offers milling services to repair cracked, broken and uneven surfaces.

For the new construction of sidewalks, curbs and parking areas, the skilled technicians at Christensen Construction provide versatile concrete services, paving and repairs.