Resurface, Repair or Replace: Asphalt Maintenance

Trust Christensen Construction for efficient and effective asphalt maintenance services.


An essential part of any home or business, paved surfaces are a frequently used asset and valuable investment. As such, proper maintenance is vital to ensuring both the performance and long-term health of any paved resource. For over 35 years Christensen Construction has provided quality asphalt maintenance services to Central Missouri, helping customers improve the function and lifespan of paved areas, lowering replacement costs, and lessening the impact on the environment through increased recycling and less waste.


With over three decades of experience, Christensen Construction’s skilled team of technicians work efficiently with clients to beat key deadlines and complete asphalt maintenance projects in the least invasive way possible. Christensen Construction has the skilled employees, quality materials and equipment to repair, rehabilitate or replace distressed asphalt pavement surfaces in any environment.


Always committed to quality, Christensen Construction operates a full-time, in-house, quality control lab to ensure the long-term success of any asphalt maintenance project. Their dedicated team of accredited technicians gather and test field samples using methods and technology, to determine the best solution for every client’s individual asphalt maintenance needs.

Christensen Construction Asphalt Maintenance Services

An aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective treatment to improve the look and lifespan of any parking lot or driveway. Sealing prevents moisture and limits forms of cracking. Providing a fast and inexpensive way to prolong pavement life.

Installing high quality, hot-poured rubberized sealant providing durable surface bonds and long-lasting results. Asphalt crack filling provides a barrier against harmful water infiltration eliminates vegetation and removes potential trip hazards, preventing further damage and prolonging the life of the pavement surface.

Minimally invasive, permanent repairs, tailored to the budget and schedule of the customer.